Motivation vs. Discipline

motivation vs. discipline : new year resolutions - toronto personal training

There are two basic internal drivers that lead us to accomplish something; motivation vs. discipline.

There is a major distinction between the two: one gets the job done every time, no questions asked. The other feels like it can take on the world in the moment, but it never quite completes the mission.

The formal is discipline, the latter is motivation.

Motivation runs on emotional fuel. Discipline runs regardless of emotions.


Many top level life and business coaches believe that motivation is bullsh*t.

Now, motivation does have its role, but it’s certainly undeserving of the emphasis that majority of people would like to put on it.

Motivation can be the bridge between stagnation, pain, failure, regret, bad choices and forward motion, joy, freedom, happiness, health and good decisions.

It is the emotional spark needed to ignite the fire within to get the ball rolling.

Once that bridge is crossed, discipline must completely take over otherwise that fire will quickly die out and you’ll have to re-do the entire process all over again.


For example:

You said you want to get on a fat loss diet and start working out.

You’ve been putting it off for a while now, but you looked in the mirror and decided enough is enough.

You don’t like what you see or how you feel and you decide to change. You watch a few videos, read a few posts and your motivation is sky high. Maybe you even join the gym, buy a fat loss diet plan and you’re all ready to go.

First day you’re a little nervous, but you remember why you want to start this, motivation kicks in and you proceed.

You get the workout done, stick to your diet and it feels good.

A few days or a week goes by, life gets in the way and you fall off.

That was a year ago. Now with the new year coming up, the same feelings are starting to reoccur.

You have to start the entire process all over again. Build a new fire all over again. Have to make something out of nothing, again

It can get extremely exhausting and discouraging to continue on the ‘start-quit-restart’ cycle.


Without discipline, motivation will always fall short.

Even if you are motivated for a year. Once you accomplish that goal. You’ll stop and revert back to the old self.

Discipline is the true driving force of long lasting fulfillment in life. Every successful person has discipline.

Some people may think “Discipline sounds like imprisoning yourself.” That’s quite the opposite.

Discipline is what creates mental freedom. See, the mind has a constant need to create.

From the day we are born to the day we die.

If we do not direct that energy strategically for the things and life we want, it will turn chaotic.

There’s no escaping the mind.

Directing it towards what you want is the best option available.

Grounded energy, calmness, happiness, success, freedom, knowledge, wealth, health are all a byproduct of positive daily habits – through discipline.  


Real, true discipline is the one you impose on yourself.

It’s you telling yourself to be better, faster, healthier, happier.

Discipline imposed onto you by some authority or parent does not last.

It is not real discipline until you make it true for yourself. Until you continue that discipline when nobody is there telling you what to do. When nobody is watching. When you don’t have the need to tell anyone about what you did.

Discipline is the act of repeating a task to better oneself from an intrinsic desire for self-advancement.

External factors do not play a role or affluence your discipline in any way.


A disciplined person masters and utilizes both emotion and logic.

Both logic and emotion will eventually give out on their own.

Discipline stands strong when both sides of the spectrum are being controlled and utilized strategically to accomplish the task.

When the mind tries to play tricks on you, providing extremely well thought-out and sound arguments for not doing the task, use emotion to override it.

When emotional energy dies down, use logic to push through and complete the task.

Motivation gets the action started, discipline keeps it alive.



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