The Biggest Fat Loss Mistake 95% of People Make

The biggest fat loss mistake 95% of people make - toronto personal trainer

New year, new you? or New Year, same you? That is the question.

It is January 5th, 2019. This is the time when the large majority of population is in the midst of chasing after their new year resolutions, weight loss being at the top of the list.

Motivation and eagerness are great catalysts for success, but coupled with lack of knowledge it can often lead to sub-optimal methods for promoting fat loss.

So what is the biggest fat loss mistake the large majority of beginners make ?

Working in the fitness space as a personal trainer toronto and in-home personal trainer in Toronto, the biggest fat loss mistake I see most people make is using the fat loss tools all at once from the get-go.


Key Points

  • Eagerness for change causes most individuals to do too much too soon.
  • Excessive amounts of cardio, low calorie diets and other restrictions are unnecessary and counter-productive for fat loss. It results in quick plateaus, possible metabolic damage and ugly rebound effects.
  • Incremental changes along the way are optimal for continuous progress and overcoming plateaus.
  • Intelligent resistance training must be prioritized first before any cardio is introduced into the program for optimal body composition changes.


The eagerness for a change coupled with lack of knowledge leads to excessive amounts of cardio, low calorie diets and other sudden restrictions.

Although this may work for a little while (first few weeks), the body will quickly adapt to these changes; leaving you with no where to go.

To continue progressing, you will require to further decrease calories and/or increase cardio causing possible metabolic damage.

This method is extremely unsustainable, hence why most people quickly get discouraged, disappointed and quit.

When the regular amount of calories are re-introduced, the rebound effect causes weight gain often even more than their starting point.


How do you continue progressing in order to stay driven after the new year motivation fades? 

Slow and steady wins the race.

Unless you’ve got a vacation planned in four weeks or your best friend is getting married in 20 days, aggressive fat loss methods are needless.

The body is an incredibly adaptable machine.

In order to avoid plateaus (which are inevitable along the way), use the minimum stimulus for maximum results.

In other words; it is without good motive to create a sudden 700 calorie deficit when a 250 calorie deficit is adequate for promoting fat loss.

Intelligent resistance training and proper nutrition should be the primary drivers of your fat loss.

There is no need for cardio as of yet.

Furthermore, it is unnecessary and sub-optimal to completely change your diet 180 degrees; going from consuming 4000 calories during the winter holidays to eating 1200 calories.

That is down right unhealthy, unsustainable and counter-productive to your weight loss goals.

Note* Instead of eating a low calorie diet (under 1400 calories), it is far superior for health and fat loss to simply fast. 

Begin with a 250-400 calorie deficit and work from there. Continue implementing incremental changes weekly or as needed.

Make intelligent use of the fat loss tools along the way so that you avoid hitting a wall right from the start and ensure you reach your ultimate fat loss goal.



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