Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

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If you’re looking to achieve your fitness goals and get into a phenomenal shape, hiring a personal trainer can be an excellent investment. In this article we’ll be outlining the top 5 benefits of working with a qualified trainer.

Expert Knowledge

At Primal Breed Fit personal trainer toronto, we believe that expert knowledge is absolute key to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers have years of experience studying the science behind exercise, nutrition, and human anatomy. We know how to design optimized programs that are tailored to the client’s individual needs, taking into account your fitness level, health history, lifestyle and goals. For example, one of our clients, Dana, came to us with a goal of losing weight while increasing her stamina and endurance. After working with her personal trainer Rob, she lost over 20 pounds and was able to complete her first full marathon!

Personal Trainer Toronto | Primal Breed Fit

Exercise Execution for safe and effective workouts

Performing exercises with proper form and technique is crucial to prevent injury and achieve optimal results. Your personal trainer can provide individualized guidance to ensure that you are performing each exercise safely and correctly. For example, if you’re doing squats with improper form, you may be placing unnecessary stress on your knees and potentially causing injury. Small, incremental changes to how you exercise can make a big difference long-term, whether positive or negative. Details matter.

Guidance & Accountability

Working with a personal trainer can provide you with the guidance and accountability you need to stay on track with your fitness goals. For example, our client Zack struggled with staying consistent with his diet and exercise routine. However, after working with Rob, he was able to establish a healthy routine that fit his lifestyle and provided him with the guidance he needed to achieve his goals. Zack was also able to stay accountable to his coach and track his progress, which provided him with the motivation he needed to keep going and achieve incredible results in a short amount of time.

Personal Trainer Toronto - 5 Benefits


If you’re serious about getting results, working with a personal trainer can make all the difference. Our trainers will track your progress and adjust your workout plan as needed to ensure that you continuously make progress. For example, our client, Peter, came to us with a goal of building muscle. After working with his personal trainer, Peter was able to progressively make strength gains every single week which led to a gain of a solid 10 pounds of muscle in his 90 day growth phase.

Creating New, Healthy Habits

Finally, creating healthy habits is an essential part of achieving your fitness goals. Working with a personal trainer can help you make positive changes to your lifestyle, including your diet, sleep, supplementation and exercise routine. Our trainers can help you develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime starting from where you are and taking you where you want to be. For instance, one of our clients, Arthur, had been seriously struggling with achieving his weight loss goals before working with us (we were his 9th attempt!!!). With the help of his personal trainer Rob, Arthur was able to make mental shifts around his relationship with nutrition on a weekly basis, resulting in him losing over 30 pounds in his 90 day fat-loss phase!

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In conclusion, working with a personal trainer can be an excellent investment when it comes to achieving your fitness goals by offering expert knowledge, proper exercise execution, guidance and accountability, results, and the creation of healthy habits. 

At Primal Breed Fit, not only do we help our clients achieve remarkable results but also educate them through-out their journey helping them arrive at a point where fitness and nutrition becomes simple, sustainable and naturally fits into their lifestyle. Contact us today to book your free consultation and get started on your fitness journey!

Achieve Your New Year Fitness Goals With Primal Breed Fit Personal Trainer Toronto

personal trainer toronto primal breed fit new year fitness goals

Summary: In today’s time, physical fitness plays a key role in helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of your age or career choice, being in shape (or not) drastically affects your life as a whole from the way you feel to how much energy you have as well as overall mental clarity and resilience. If you are planning to tackle your fitness goals this new year, hiring a knowledgeable personal trainer would be the fastest way to get there.

It’s that time of the year again. Holiday celebrations in anticipation for the New Year. 

“What’s your 2020 New Year Resolution?” is the question often asked.

A large majority of people’s new year resolution is health and fitness related; get rid of belly fat and love handles, gain lean muscle and increase strength, increase overall energy and stamina or to simply start moving and feel healthier.

Granted, before the new year finally arrives the energy in the air is that of prosperity, excitement and positive energy. However, when January gets here, old habits kick in and the initial spark begins to dissipate. 

Statistics show that less than 9% of individuals actually follow through and realize their New Year Resolutions. 

How can you ensure that you will be part of the 9% this year and actually achieve your fitness goals in 2020?

Personal Trainer Toronto – Primal Breed Fit Personal Training

The most successful people in the world hire a coach to help them in areas they aren’t masters in, so that they can utilize all their saved time doing what they do best. 

Whether your goal is to lose 60 pounds of fat, build 25 pounds of solid lean muscle, prepare for a marathon or a wedding, get beach-ready for your upcoming vacation or increase your daily energy to be able to play with your kids after work, hiring a qualified personal trainer is the fastest way to get there. 

Primal Breed Fit Personal Trainer Toronto is with you every step of the way to help you  become the best you.

Personalized Training Program

Every person is different, thus what may work for John may not necessarily work for Julie. A well-educated and experienced fitness trainer understands that and applies it accordingly. Training is a skill that requires a certain degree of effort and energy invested in order to create strong relations between the body and the mind. Creating the right program for each individual is a key component of one’s future success in achieving their fitness goals. 

An expertly optimized training program accomplishes: 

  • Continuous progress on a weekly basis in one or more areas (eg. fat loss, muscle gain, muscle definition, strength increase, work capacity)
  • Safety and efficiency (correct exercise execution, prevents injury) 
  • Longevity (ensuring long-term results and sustainability)

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Nutrition should always go hand in hand with the type of training you are doing. Depending on your goal, its extremely important that you consume the correct foods in the right amounts in order to fuel your body correctly based on your demands from it. 

Many people, including personal trainers, focus mostly on training and overlook the nutrition part hoping it will sort itself out. “You can’t outwork a bad diet” is a true statement in the fitness world. 

An expertly optimized nutrition program accomplishes: 

  • Fuels your body correctly to optimize your training performance 
  • Ensures you maximally capitalize on your workout efforts depending on your goal (eg. build muscle, lose fat, body re-composition)
  • Results, longevity and sustainability 

Most people fail to successfully achieve their fitness goals for two reasons; lack of knowledge and accountability. In addition, in today’s modern world most individuals lead a busy lifestyle with a tight work schedule making it even more difficult to successfully attain their desired body transformations. Thus, hiring a personal trainer toronto to help you succeed in your fitness journey is a smart investment. 

Health is wealth and unfortunately most of us realize that truth when things start falling apart. Primal Breed Fit Personal Trainer Toronto understands the importance of health & fitness as well as the need for it in today’s society.

The first step forward is often the hardest, once you start seeing results for yourself you will wonder why you haven’t started your fitness journey earlier. For more information on how an expert fitness trainer toronto can help you reach your fitness goals, schedule your free consultation today.

The Biggest Fat Loss Mistake 95% of People Make

The biggest fat loss mistake 95% of people make - toronto personal trainer

New year, new you? or New Year, same you? That is the question.

It is January 5th, 2019. This is the time when the large majority of population is in the midst of chasing after their new year resolutions, weight loss being at the top of the list.

Motivation and eagerness are great catalysts for success, but coupled with lack of knowledge it can often lead to sub-optimal methods for promoting fat loss.

So what is the biggest fat loss mistake the large majority of beginners make ?

Working in the fitness space as a personal trainer toronto and in-home personal trainer in Toronto, the biggest fat loss mistake I see most people make is using the fat loss tools all at once from the get-go.


Key Points

  • Eagerness for change causes most individuals to do too much too soon.
  • Excessive amounts of cardio, low calorie diets and other restrictions are unnecessary and counter-productive for fat loss. It results in quick plateaus, possible metabolic damage and ugly rebound effects.
  • Incremental changes along the way are optimal for continuous progress and overcoming plateaus.
  • Intelligent resistance training must be prioritized first before any cardio is introduced into the program for optimal body composition changes.


The eagerness for a change coupled with lack of knowledge leads to excessive amounts of cardio, low calorie diets and other sudden restrictions.

Although this may work for a little while (first few weeks), the body will quickly adapt to these changes; leaving you with no where to go.

To continue progressing, you will require to further decrease calories and/or increase cardio causing possible metabolic damage.

This method is extremely unsustainable, hence why most people quickly get discouraged, disappointed and quit.

When the regular amount of calories are re-introduced, the rebound effect causes weight gain often even more than their starting point.


How do you continue progressing in order to stay driven after the new year motivation fades? 

Slow and steady wins the race.

Unless you’ve got a vacation planned in four weeks or your best friend is getting married in 20 days, aggressive fat loss methods are needless.

The body is an incredibly adaptable machine.

In order to avoid plateaus (which are inevitable along the way), use the minimum stimulus for maximum results.

In other words; it is without good motive to create a sudden 700 calorie deficit when a 250 calorie deficit is adequate for promoting fat loss.

Intelligent resistance training and proper nutrition should be the primary drivers of your fat loss.

There is no need for cardio as of yet.

Furthermore, it is unnecessary and sub-optimal to completely change your diet 180 degrees; going from consuming 4000 calories during the winter holidays to eating 1200 calories.

That is down right unhealthy, unsustainable and counter-productive to your weight loss goals.

Note* Instead of eating a low calorie diet (under 1400 calories), it is far superior for health and fat loss to simply fast. 

Begin with a 250-400 calorie deficit and work from there. Continue implementing incremental changes weekly or as needed.

Make intelligent use of the fat loss tools along the way so that you avoid hitting a wall right from the start and ensure you reach your ultimate fat loss goal.



Primal Breed is committed to providing you effective personal training in Toronto, helping you lose unwanted weight permanently and build lean muscle for life.