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Personal Trainer Toronto

Put the power of personal attention work for you.

Primal Breed Fit’s specialization is helping you lose unwanted weight permanently and build lean muscle, delivering lifetime sustainable results.

Regardless of your starting point, our science-based training and nutrition programs are designed for your specific case and body type, helping you achieve your fitness goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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The Primal Breed Fit Experience

Exceptional coaching. Results. Sustainability. 

Primal Breed Fit’s science-based and holistic approach is systematic, trackable and geared towards our client’s specific fitness goal, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds of fat, build lean muscle, increase your strength and mobility, have more energy or simply become healthier, our personal training program is the fastest way to get there.

In addition to one-on-one training sessions, our personal training programs include complete custom-made nutrition plans, progress assessment as well as diet & workout adjustments based on your body’s feedback to ensure continuous progress and results.

Training sessions will be completed at your convenience, whether you prefer to train early mornings, mid-day or late evenings.

Personal Trainer Toronto

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Personal Training Packages Price
Personal Training Packages Price
Personal Training Packages Price
Personal Trainer Toronto | Primal Breed Fit Personal Training

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

⇒ Learn and master the correct exercise execution for optimal results.

⇒ Expert nutrition program made simple – specifically designed for you and your goals.

⇒ Continuous adjustments based on your body’s feedback to avoid plateaus and ensure constant results.

⇒ No long-term contracts, penalties or hidden fees.

⇒ No gym membership required with the purchase of any personal training package.

⇒ Certified Personal Trainer Toronto specialist available 7 days a week.

⇒ Experience the impressive results correct training and nutrition can do for you in a short period of time.

Primal Breed Fit Personal Trainer TOronto

Are you ready to create a new you?

  • Lose unwanted weight and stubborn body fat, keeping it off for good
  • Build lean muscle tissue and/or enhance your curves
  • Improve your muscle tone and definition
  • Increase your strength and flexibility
  • Eliminate lower back & knee pain
  • Boost your mood and energy levels
  • Elevate your confidence and overall well-being

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Our fully equipped training facility is located at 11 Carlaw ave. (Carlaw ave. & Lakeshore blvd. East), Toronto with available on-site parking.

I decided to make a change in my life regarding health and fitness at the beginning of 2023. My issues were two fold- I had not been in the gym for over 30 years, and had no control over my eating habits. While I had come to terms with being grossly out of shape, I hadn't been able to acknowledge or address my eating habits.Robert is much more than the sum of his parts, and where he starts is in your head... by addressing two crucial and what I believe are often overlooked in a gym environment:Habits & MindsetSleeping HabitsEating Habits- (the difference between a craving vs hunger)Exercise Habits etc...Self ImageSelf ProjectionSelf Pity etc...What this means for his clients in terms of measurable/ quantifiable data and results:He is constantly checking in with you. Every session. Without fail.He's there to hold you accountable by simply applying constant gentle pressure, until one day, you don't find the change SO difficult anymore, you don't want to stay in bed and skip the gym, you look forward to your next training session, and you see your accomplishments take place on a weekly basis. You just feel better overall.Every habit that can negatively effect your mindset or health are always on his radar. He teaches you how to identify them, and offers you the insight necessary to ween yourself off them.It's very difficult to change your habits- I struggle with it daily, sometimes hourly, however the importance of this one piece of the puzzle cannot be emphasized enough. The gym is 3 hours a week. Every other hour of the day is what tests your mettle.And all Robert does is unveil those horrible habits so you can acknowledge them, and ultimately change them so they start helping you instead of hurting you. Maybe my best take away from working with him so far. Maybe. There are many.I can't tell you how exactly, (I think he may be a Jedi Knight, of the Personal Trainer Order), however it was, and continues to be a combination of cleverly applying knowledge, focus, consistency, discipline, care, and patience.Some other reasons I like working with Robert are:-He uses his understanding of your psychology to hack yourself into shape, by starting in your mind, and helps you to change your mindset. Think "Inception" for your health goals.- He is a myth buster. You hear a lot of so called "truths" in the world of fitness, and Robert will explain to you why they are lies. Just ask him.-His technique is flawless, and his understanding of body mechanics is surreal. I could go down the rabbit hole here, but suffice it to say, you will learn a lot from him, and it will blow your mind. He watches every repetition you perform to ensure you shrink every possible fat cell, while increasing strength from every muscle fibre. The process is called "Body Recomposition", and this is his wheel house.-He isn't a one trick pony. He is a hybrid of a:Personal TrainerTherapistNutritionistHabit & Mindset CoachThat's not a big deal really, however what is, is knowing when, where, and how to apply those modalities to see tangible results.Even after finding out I had a re occurring hernia, he completely re adjusted my exercise routine with no loss of momentum to my fat loss or strength gains, and no pain.-He does not overpromise or under deliver. He sets what seems are isurmountable goals, until you do the work, and get onto the scale. And even after losing almost 40 pounds, since having begun working with Robert, I know there is so much more to accomplish- 4 months ago I would never have thought that way.I am a 49 year old male. On January 31, 2023 I weighed 229 pounds, and as of May 27th, 2023, I weighed 187 pounds. My strength has increased 7- 8 times over, and I have not been under 200 pounds since I was 16 years old. JEDI.I will say this as well. You can't pull one over on him, or better yet, you won't want to. Whatever your fitness or health goals may be, Robert Savin will get you there, trust me. "Just follow the plan"!
Miles SmithMiles Smith
18:19 18 May 23
Getting back in shape after the pandemic felt impossible. Working with Robert changed that. He knows what he's doing and makes sure you learn. He's also great at weaning you off bad diet habits without being a jerk about it.
Will GWill G
14:06 02 May 23
I started training with Robert because my partner was doing it and I thought I should give it a try. Before I started training with him, I exercised regularly, ate reasonably well and was happy with my appearance. But I never felt truly comfortable working out and never saw any significant changes in my body. My training with Robert gave me invaluable knowledge about how to work out effectively. But perhaps the most important thing he did was help me make fundamental changes to how I approach nutrition and how I feel about exercise. He did this not by just telling me what to eat and how to work out, but by listening to me and supporting me in making these adjustments to my life such that I became deeply motivated to change for reasons that made sense to me. I never thought of myself as someone who needed to lose weight, but I lost almost 30lbs. What I most appreciate about Robert is not that he helped me lose 30lbs, but that he gave me the tools to make positive changes in how I feed and use my body that I never thought were possible.
Zack RussellZack Russell
11:53 16 Apr 23
Training with Robert has been the best investment of my life. If you can convince him to take you on - do it. At 34 years old, I had been trying for years (with different trainers) to lose weight and gain muscle. Sometimes I'd make a little progress, but never that significant. Right away, I could tell Robert would be different: his attention to detail and form during workouts wasn't like anything I'd experienced with other trainers. And the nutrition plan he gave me was very specific, but also flexible and easy to follow. After only a few months, I'd lost 30 pounds of fat (going from 175lbs to 145lbs) and gained significant muscle... I'd say he's a miracle worker, but he spends a lot of time teaching you how and why his methods work. So it's less miracle, and more an expert course in training and nutrition - with knowledge you can use for the rest of your life. He's converted me into a lifelong healthy eater who trusts the process and understands his own body. Go to Robert if you want to change how you look, but also how you feel about your body.
01:09 05 Mar 23
I've been working with Robert for several months now, and I have to say, I'm blown away by my results so far. I’ve lost a ton of body fat, gotten leaner than I’ve ever been while building muscle and strength. I’ve surpassed all my previous personal records already!But what's even more impressive to me is how Rob has worked around my injuries and limitations to make sure I'm pain-free and making progress. I came to him with some chronic pain in my back and knees, and he immediately set to work developing a plan that would help me get stronger without exacerbating my injuries.He's been incredibly supportive throughout the process, always checking in to make sure I'm feeling good, asking questions and adjusting our workouts as needed. He's also taught me a lot about proper execution and technique, which has helped me avoid further injury and get the most out of each exercise.I can say without hesitation that he is the best personal trainer in the business. His own transformation is inspiring, but his ability to work with clients of all fitness levels and abilities is what sets him apart. I feel lucky to have found him and can't wait to see where this journey takes me.
Haru HeHaru He
20:02 19 Feb 23
In January 2022, I was at my heaviest (three hundred fourteen pounds) - my knees and back were in constant pain - making me feel much older than 58 years old. I needed the best personal trainer near me to help me lose weight and get my body back into shape. I had tried several trainers in the past and although I would manage to lose 30-40lbs I would plateau, still in a ton of pain and would rebound right back up.I started working out with Robert in January and began seeing changes immediately.  He worked around my limitations - I was never in pain while exercising – and as I lost the excess weight my pain declined to where now it’s a thing of the past! He always listens and pushes me to be my best. I now enjoy working out and look forward to our sessions.I’ve lost over ONE HUNDRED pounds and feel like a new man.  My outlook on life and the future has improved tremendously and I love the way I feel and look! I went to a wedding in the summer and bought a new suit - something I would have dreaded six months ago but really enjoyed it now!Robert delivered on everything we discussed and I’m so thankful that I found him.  I will never go back to my old bad habits and am excited to continue my new life!  Thank you Robert!!  - Manny Martins
Kristine DohertyKristine Doherty
14:30 25 Jul 19
I started working with Rob in March 2018 and I can confidently say he has changed my life! As someone who went to the gym for years and never really made any progress, it was amazing to work with Rob to fine tune my workouts by focusing on the mind muscle connection, proper lifting techniques and progressive overload. In addition, he provided me with excellent nutrition planning to get my metabolism fired up and fat melting off. I have never been in as good as shape as I am today with any other trainer I've used. If you want real results, Rob is your guy!

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