7 Effective Hacks for Achieving Your 2019 New Year Fitness Goals

How to achieve your New Year Fitness Goals in 2019 - toronto personal training

Statistics show that 95% of people have already given up on their new resolutions by the second week. Change is most definitely not an easy task, but with enough drive it is definitely a winnable battle. To help you avoid being just another new year statistics, I’ve outlined seven effective hacks to help you achieve your 2019 new year fitness goals.


How to Achieve your New Year Fitness Goals

1.Take a photo of yourself Day One

Assuming you’ve got a promising workout and nutrition program ready to go, take a photo of you Day 1 and put it on your mirror.

That’s who you’ll never be again.

Print out another photo of your goal body that you’re striving to accomplish by the end of your training phase and put it on the mirror beside your Day 1 photo.

This will signal your subconscious mind to focus on your goal and strengthen your desire to achieve it. 


2. Write down your goals

Write down your goal for the day, first thing in the morning.

This will immediately shift your mind to prioritize what’s important and decrease unnecessary non-sense distractions from your day like browsing Instagram or surfing the web looking at shoes for 2 hours.

There’s just something about writing goals down on paper that makes it real and sets the mind in gear to find ways to accomplish it.


3. Practice visualization

Visualize your goal every night before bed.

Either in your bed when you close your eyes before sleeping or a warm bath prior to sleeping.

Take 5 minutes, block everything else out and simply focus on what you’re aiming to achieve.

Visualize it as the first person being there and having it accomplished already.

How will you feel when you complete your workout program and reach your goal?

What will your body look like when you accomplish your new year fitness goals?

How will your clothes fit?

How will you feel looking in the mirror?

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.

Visualization is the equivalent to commanding your mind to find ways to achieve your desires faster.


4. Find a partner

Partner up with a friend towards a common goal.

Not only will it make it more fun by hanging out with a friend, but it will help you both stay the course when motivation happens to be low.

Motivation is a temporary feeling.

Sometimes we feel super motivated and could lift a car up with our bare hands, other days we just wanna lay low at home doing nothing.

If you’re on your own, the possibility of you justifying it to yourself and skipping that workout is higher than when you know your friend is relying on you to show up.

Some days you’ll be the one motivated, other days he/she will help you get past your temporary barrier and keep at it.

If you don’t have a friend like this, consider hiring a knowledgeable personal trainer or coach to keep you accountable and help guide you along the way.


5. Take progress pictures

Take progress photos.

This is extremely helpful, yet majority of people fail to do it.

Maybe you don’t want to see your current body, or are scared of not having “progressed”.

Whatever the case may be, throw it out of the window and simply do it.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised after a few weeks of consistency, of the progress you have made.

Not only will this throw new, fresh wood into your fire so-to speak, but it will strengthen your belief towards achieving your goal.

Something will shift in you when you see your hard work is actually paying off.

It is difficult to gauge the differences and physical changes from simply looking in the mirror because you see yourself every single day.

When you put Day 1 and present photo side by side, the differences will be evident.


6. Place your attention on what you want

Focus on the results, not the “work”.

If you concentrate on the work instead of the results, the journey will seem too great to ever reach it.

This makes your subconscious mind believe that the goal is bigger than you.

This is far from the truth.

Instead, focus on the goal — how great it will make you feel, the positive influence you’ll have on those around you, how much fun going out in public places and shopping for new clothes will be. The amount of joy you’ll have looking in the mirror  and how you’ll actually enjoy taking photos instead of shying away from it. Lastly, how much better and stronger you’ll become as a person.

When you put it this way, the work doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

Your body is as capable as your mind is.

Focus on the positives and the body will follow your mind’s orders like a faithful servant to a king.


7. Protect your goals

Facebook doesn’t need to know about it, Jenna from the local grocery store doesn’t need to know about it, uncle Luke and his snotty girlfriend don’t need to know about it.

Create a positive energy around yourself and your goals and protect it.

What I mean by that is, especially at first your goal and belief is still fragile in its early form.

Many people will share their opinion aka insecure projections on how, why and what you should do.

That negative energy can diminish your inner fire, possibly discourage you on a bad day and essentially get you off track.

Energy is contagious.

It is your sole responsibility to avoid that from happening by keeping to yourself and focus on what’s important: positive belief + daily action.

Very few people if any will understand and actually support you in your journey, especially at first.

When you do achieve your goal, then many will say “I always knew you could do this”or “Great job, I’m not surprised you actually did what you said you would”, although at first they’d be the first ones who’d tell you how hard it is and you’ll probably quit second week just like they had.

This is simply human nature.

When one decides to elevate their life, it will shine down on other’s missed opportunities. Naturally, this will make some people negative, bitter and ugly.



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